Welcome To The Baldwin House

We welcome residents in the greater Mobile area to our community to experience senior assisted living at its best. Residents enjoy entertainment from live performances, the security of our friendly staff, the warmth of our tight-knit community atmosphere, and the opportunity to maintain their activity and independence.

Residents look forward to a full calendar of events each month that includes performances by local musicians, social hours, spiritual services.

Why Choose Baldwin House

We are a smaller, locally owned and operated residence doing business since 2002. Our residents' satisfaction is our number one priority. Independence and dignity are the cornerstones upon which we are built and our residents are given choices whenever possible. As a smaller community, we try to cultivate an environment with more socialization and friendship, an increased sense of safety and more interaction with our staff. Our residents have a need for both privacy and community, for flexible daily rhythms and patterns and for the possibility of forming caring relationships with other residents and with our staff. We strive to provide this. (Be sure to ask about our very low staff turnover as it certainly contributes to stability with our residents!) What we try NOT to be is a building with a controlled and supervised institutional existence with a medically designed answer to sometimes unfixable problems. Our goal is to make life worth living for residents who are sometimes weak and frail and can’t fend for themselves while living alone.

Individual Services
Complete Health

Implemented in 2017, Our Achieve 360 Program offers residents a complete health plan. Each aspect of the program has been shown to have physical, mental, and/or spiritual benefits which can improve overall wellness and feelings of well-being. As each residents’ progress is tracked, we can see the areas in which they thrive; in turn being able to potentially eliminate pharmaceuticals.

Making Life Meaningful in Old Age

As our time winds down, we all seek comfort in simple pleasures – companionship, everyday routines, the taste of good food, the warmth of sunlight on our faces. We become less interested in the rewards of achieving and accumulating, and more interested in the rewards of simply being. Yet while we may feel less ambitious, we also become concerned for our legacy. And we have a deep need to identify purposes outside ourselves that make living feel meaningful and worthwhile. This is what we try to offer with our 30 apartment/homes, a community which is a staple in senior care throughout Baldwin County and South Alabama. Each resident not only receives what we believe to be the best daily living care at The Baldwin House, but, more importantly becomes a part of our family.

We care about the whole self


What Is It

Using oneself as the benchmark makes the program inherently personalized as each resident works toward developing their own interests.


The intellectual achievement of wellness encourages creative, stimulating mental activities to bring richness to your life and those around you.


The social achievement of wellness encourages positive interactions with others to increase awareness with others in your community.


The physical achievement of wellness encourages regular physical activity to maintain a healthy body and improve mood and self-esteem.


The emotional achievement of wellness emphasizes an awareness of acceptance of one's feelings and thoughts while focusing on a positive outlook on life.


The spiritual achievement of wellness involves seeking the meaning and purpose of individual life while developing a deep appreciation for the depth of life and the natural forces that exist in the universe.

MEET OUR Administration

The Baldwin House strives to create an environment to achieve your full potential and that begins with our staff. The Baldwin House recognizes that without our staff, our community would not be what it is today. With a high employee retention rate (average of 3.5 years), we can successfully create a stable culture with staff that wants to come to work each and every day. Warren and Mia treat all of the administration, staff, and residents like family. This is all of our home.

Warren & Mia Jerrems


Residing in Gulf Breeze, Florida, Mia and Warren Jerrems and have been married since 1983 and have two daughters in college. All four Jerrems' are involved in improving the quality of life for our residents although the girls are somewhat away from the day to day work while away at school.

Jayne Carter R.N

Executive Director

Having completed nursing school at Mobile Infirmary, I practiced healthcare throughout the Eastern Shore. After raising two incredible daughters, Nina and Erin, I focused on what made me truly happy; senior care. Senior care is an area, I believe, that should be celebrated every day.

Jordan Cook M.S

Director of Marketing & Operations

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine, I came back home to the gulf coast where I worked for the Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, Fl. It is there where I met my wife, Jacqueline Jerrems, the daughter of Warren and Mia.

Daphne Schwegmann L.P.N

Resident Care Coordinator

Being a nurse for 20+ years, I have a very diverse nursing background in a variety of settings. I love working with seniors and being able to make their healthcare something they can always depend on. I strive to make a difference wherever I can. The Baldwin House is an amazing place for seniors to reside where you can make the most of every day!

Joni Skaggs

Activities Director

Having 30 years of office and healthcare experience, I ventured into activities and marketing for seniors and immediately felt my calling. being new to the Baldwin House family, I can not speak highly enough about the sincerity and appreciation everyone brings to this community.

Kenny Sheets

Dietary Manager

I completed culinary school as an enlisted member for the United States Coast Guard while also holding a B.S degree in Hospitality Management for the University of West Florida. As the dietary manager of the Baldwin House I work towards creating restaurant quality meals while respecting each individuals taste and dietary needs.

People Love Baldwin House

“My mother has Hospice care and all of these caregivers have commented to me about the high quality of the Baldwin House staff. They have said how loving and kind they are to my mother. They visit other facilities and have said that the Baldwin House stands out as the best.”

“My mother has been in 2 other places and none are as good and do not come close to Baldwin House.”

“We love having mom at the Baldwin House. I have been extremely impressed with the way everyone works together, from the nurses to the kitchen, it's like one big family.”

“Staff is all open, friendly and cheerful. Meals are well prepared and interesting. Staff members go out of their way to meet needs in general.”

“My mother was so happy in her time at the Baldwin House. It was the first time since my father had died that I saw her laugh and smile. Care and compassion was shown to my mother. The staff visited her in the hospital.”

“Staff is wonderful, loving and exceptional. They love my mother and treat her with kindness and understanding. I have such respect for them.”

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