About Us


Family Owned:

The Baldwin House is a family owned and operated assisted living along the Eastern Shore. Opened in 2010 by Warren and Mia Jerrems, this 30 apartment community has become a staple in senior care throughout Baldwin County. With more than 40 years combined experience in senior housing, both Warren and Mia see assisted living as their service ministry; ”We view it as our job to assist our residents with living by sustaining their connections and joys which mattered most in their previous lives. Our staff is trained to be curious about our residents’ previous lives and attempt to be aware of what a resident is forced to forfeit when moving to the Baldwin House. We strive to provide a home to our residents where they have privacy and control of their lives and a purpose to their days.”

Creating A Culture:

Creating an environment where residents can not only celebrate their past but also achieve a well-balanced life for their future is our mission. The Baldwin House creates an atmosphere to achieve your full potential. with a high employee retention rate (average 3 years), we are able to create a familiar and successful culture. The Baldwin House believes that it is never too late to grow in 5 specific areas of life: Intellectual, Physical, Social, Emotional and Spiritual. With our innovative approach to activities, The Baldwin House has created Achieve360, newly implemented in 2017 - Achieve360 is an activities program that implements research based activities to help each individual grow in what we identify as 5 key areas of life. These activities are monitored and documented with the hopes of one day decreasing the need of medication while increasing the quality and longevity of life. We do recognize the importance of residents’ choices and some residents choose not to participate in group activities.

Our Vision & Plan

We believe in letting people do what they can themselves so that they can maintain their capabilities and sense of independence. Dressing someone is easier than letting them dress his or herself. It takes less time and can be less aggravating. But we believe it is better to support our residents’ capabilities, allowing them to continue to make decisions for themselves whenever possible. What we try NOT to be is a building with a controlled and supervised institutional existence with a medically designed answer to sometimes unfixable problems. Our goal is to make life worth living for residents who are sometimes weak and frail and can’t fend for themselves while living alone. There is no place like home, especially when home is here at The Baldwin House. Each resident treasures the privacy of his/her apartment while resting assured that our caring and trained staff is on duty every hour of every day.

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